10 Best Bench Power Supply of 2021

While working with circuits, one common concern we often have is whether or not everything works well before setting everything up. All it takes is a small mistake, and accidents are there waiting to happen.

Fortunately, there’s one effective method to test circuits safely, and that’s using the best bench power supply.

Top 5?Best Bench Power Supply : Editor?s Pick

Not only circuits, either. The bench power supply is a practical tool that backs up a lot of tests and experiments for laboratories, schools, and many more locations. These devices efficiently handle the voltage and amp power for optimal performance.

Want to find out more about what these devices can do? Then don’t miss out on our reviews as we take a closer look at the benefits of ten of the most capable units.

10 Best Bench Power Supply Reviews:

As mentioned before, we’ve gathered ten of the most efficient bench power supplies currently available. We put our focus on aspects such as power capacity, user-friendly features, and safety measures, among other things.

Here’s why these instruments would be a suitable addition to your workspace!

1. DC Power Supply Variable, Adjustable Switching Regulated Power Supply?

If you want the best results, then this power supply is the one to have. Starting from its incredible looks, this unit is quick to grab your attention. Once you test it, the power supply’s fast, precise values make it an essential device you’d be happy to have in labs, home, or other locations.

The unit offers precise switching between coarse and fine-tuning adjustments with just the turn of a knob, which can make the system go from 0 to 30V or from 0 to 5A.

Once users adjust the values, the power supply effectively displays them in the 4-digits backlit LED display with resolutions of 0.01V and 0.001A.

For protection, the unit includes a built-in fan that controls temperature once it reaches 60 degrees. Besides preventing overheating, the cooling system is also pretty quiet.

Other reasons to consider purchasing this device are due to its fixed output capacity, the stable current offered, and the fact that it operates without interference.

It seems the power of this unit surpassed even the manufacturer’s expectations. The leads don’t seem to be appropriate for the current that this power supply provides, as they often get too hot above the 7 amps. Better to keep that in mind if you’re working with high currents.


  • Good-looking, compact and lightweight power supply
  • Offers high precision with data hold functions included
  • Many safe measures like grounding wire, short-circuit protection, and more
  • Offers constant voltage and current modes for continuous operation


  • The leads get very hot above the 7 amps

2. Tekpower TP3005T Variable Linear DC Power Supply, 0 – 30V @ 0 – 5A

Tekpower TP3005T Variable Linear DC Power Supply, 0 - 30V @ 0 - 5A
  • High precision DC regulated power supply with 0-30 volts and 0-5 amp outputs
  • Two operational modes: constant voltage and constant current
  • Cooling fan automatic activation by built-in thermo-sensor

Though not as eye-catching as the previous pick, this power supply offers high precision with a DC regulated system. Once set up and active, the unit provides 0-30 V and 0-5 AMP outputs to cover a variety of applications, be it at home, lab, or offices.

This device offers two working modes, which are constant voltage and constant current. Changing between each mode is quick, allowing users to adapt the power supply to their needs. Plus, after switching between modes, the unit satisfyingly delivers excellent results through consistency.

The cooling fan works automatically, relying entirely on a thermo-sensor included in the unit?s system. This system works efficiently, as the power supply remains at a safe temperature most of the time. When it gets hot, it remains warm, not necessarily anything that would cause overheating.

Sadly, regardless of how efficient the fan is, it can also be quite loud at times. If there’s no other source of sound in the lab, you’ll most likely hear the cooling fan all the time in the background.

Another feature most people will enjoy is the backlit LED display. By offering 0.1V and 0.01A resolution, and crystal-clear digits, reading the screen is easy. Plus, the red and green indicators effectively point out voltage and amp information.


  • Offers high precision with 0-30V and 0-5 AMP output
  • Comes with two operation modes, including constant current and voltage
  • Efficient cooling fan with built-in thermo-sensor keeps the unit cool
  • Easy to read backlit LED screen with 0.1V and 0.01A resolution


  • The fan can be pretty loud, especially if there’s no other source of sound nearby

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3. PS305DM 30V/5A Variable Linear DC Bench Power Supply Single-Output?

PS305DM 30V/5A Variable Linear DC Bench Power Supply Single-Output
  • ★【DC regulated power supply】0-30 Volts and 0-5 Amp outpouts with alligator clip leads, 3 LED...
  • ★【Auto Conversion】Current can be converted from ''A'' to ''mA'' though The Movement of Decimal...
  • ★【Multiple Protections】Upgrade Elastic Handle, easy to carry, Automatic cooling fan, exhaust...

By featuring an elastic handle at the top, this unit is the best benchtop power supply for those workers that move around regularly. The case is resistant to withstand possible impacts, and the weight is only 12.10 pounds, guaranteeing you won’t have a hard time moving it between places.

Setting up the unit and operating is possible due to the layout of the front panel, which makes each function easy to use. There’s also an auto-conversion system that efficiently converts currents from “A” to “mA” using the movement of the decimal point.

Suitable for 0-30 Volts and 0-5 Amp outputs, this power supply covers a variety of applications with little to no variation in its readings through the 3 LED digital display. The alligator clip leads are also decent, as they’re both durable and reliable.

Though the fan included does a consistently good job, it doesn’t prevent the unit from getting hot. Heat also makes the fan work harder, meaning that it can be a bit loud as well. Luckily, these issues don’t happen regularly, which means the power supply operates well and quietly.


  • Offers options for constant current and constant voltage operations
  • Provides overcurrent protection and precise adjustment from 110V/220V
  • Comes with an easy to carry elastic handle
  • Can convert from “A” to “mA” automatically


  • This unit gets hot sporadically

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4. Eventek KPS3010D Variable Switching Regulated Digital DC (0-30 V 0-10 A)

Eventek KPS3010D Variable Switching Regulated Digital DC (0-30 V 0-10 A)
  • DC Power Supply Adjustable: 0-30 volts and 0-10 amp outputs; the Back-lit LED display accuracy: 0.1...
  • Constant voltage and current operation mode (C.C and C.V. automatic conversion);small volume,light...
  • Intelligent temperature control with built-in thermo-sensor, effectively reduce noise and prolong...

The following power supply comes as a suitable choice for inexperienced users, mostly due to the clear instructions provided in the manual. With just a little bit of reading, any user can get the hang of this power supply, masterfully using several of its functionalities to back up their activities.

Upon testing, this unit meets most expectations satisfyingly. For the most part, both voltage and current outputs are surprisingly accurate as well as consistent. There are no variations to affect the values ? allowing users to get actual and useful data displayed on the LED screen.

What we liked about the manual, besides having instructions in clear English, is that it includes many safety warnings. Users get to know the limitations of this unit to operate it safely, with no risks of accidents at all.

One minor issue we found is the “coarse” adjustment, which happens to be quite sensitive. If you’re doing tests between 3-5V, even the smallest movement could make the unit go up an entire volt. Users truly must be careful while using this feature.

However, if you’re careful enough, you should be capable of making those adjustments without trouble. As long as you use the unit wisely, this power supply could easily be your best bench power supply.


  • Powerful unit works within 0-30V and 0-10A
  • Useful manual with instructions and warnings
  • Cooling fan prevents overheating
  • LED screen provides bright digits for easier readings


  • The “coarse” adjustment is too sensitive sometimes, which complicates getting accurate voltage readings

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5. Eventek KPS305D DC Power Supply Variable(0-30 V 0-5 A) Adjustable?

Eventek KPS305D DC Power Supply Variable(0-30 V 0-5 A) Adjustable
  • DC Power Supply Adjustable: 0-30 volts and 0-5 amp outputs; the Back-lit LED display accuracy: 0.1 V...
  • Constant voltage and current operation mode (C.C and C.V. automatic conversion); Light weight with...
  • Intelligent temperature control with built-in thermo-sensor, effectively reduce noise and prolong...

Specially designed for use at the lab, this unit provides constant voltage and current operation to back your activities for days.

You can adjust both current and voltage at nominal value, guaranteeing accurate results displayed on the screen. For those reasons, this power supply offers high accuracy, reliability, and plenty of power for your activities.

The unit comes with a built-in thermo-sensor responsible for many feats. First and foremost, the sensor reduces any potential accident caused by overheating, improving safety at the workplace. Plus, this feature also reduces noise for a longer lifespan.

For easy operation, the device comes with a switch you can use to change modes between 110V and 220V. Upon testing these functions, the unit delivered 24V max at 220V and 30V for 110V.

This power supply puts up a decent performance in CV and CC modes, delivering satisfying results after using a multi meter for tests.

Users will also like the front panel. Though it isn’t groundbreaking, the 3-digit screen does provide accurate, easy to read results.

What’s the one thing we didn’t like about this product? The quality of the leads. It feels pretty cheap, contrasting with the rest of the parts of this power supply.


  • Suitable for scientific research, schools, production lines, and more
  • Voltage and current values are adjustable by hand for precise readings
  • Constant operation mode to provide consistent voltage and current readings
  • Includes plenty of safety measures like thermal protection


  • The quality of the leads is low

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6. DC Power Supply Variable 3 Digital Display with Leads Power Cord (30V 10A)

DC Power Supply Variable 3 Digital Display with Leads Power Cord (30V 10A)
  • ♦To prevent scratches,the display screen has a thin protective film,which may not be obvious.If...
  • Burnt out apply input power may be caused by incorrect settings, you can contact us and we will...
  • If you find that you can't use it as described in the product, please contact us and we will solve...

The front panel of this unit is so simple that anyone could operate it without complications. You get a couple of knobs for voltage and current adjustment, as well as a button for power and a USB port. All of these features create a user-friendly power supply for pro hobbyists.

Since the knobs aren?t too sensitive, dialing in the values needed for your tasks is a hassle-free process.

Another benefit of the power supply is its dual digital display, which is visible and easy to read. The three digits for each function are bright, guaranteeing users can have proper readings even if there?s no light in the room.

The power supply has a protective film to keep the screen intact. That?s not the only safety measure, though. For its internal system protection, the device has an efficient fan that automatically turns on once the temperature reaches 50?C.

While the unit won?t overheat during highly demanding projects, the fan does get a bit noisy. Still, for the price and the number of tasks this power supply can achieve, putting up with a bit of noise is more than worth it.


  • User-friendly controls and functions ideal for beginners
  • Protective film included protects the screen from scratches
  • Dual digital display shows visible voltage and current values for better readings
  • Fan automatically turns on once the temperature reaches 50?C, preventing overheating risks


  • The fan can be loud if you use the power supply at medium to max capacity

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7. Yescom 110V AC 30V 10A DC Power Supply Precision Variable Digital

Yescom 110V AC 30V 10A DC Power Supply Precision Variable Digital
  • Durable steel case
  • Constant voltage and constant current operation mode (C.C and C.V. automatic conversion)
  • Multiple protections: over voltage (OVP), open circuit (OCP),over temperature (OTP)

This unit has all the features needed to be the best variable power supply for many. For starters, it comes with a durable steel case that puts up with regular usage. Then, the system?s safe circuit design reduces potential accidents, thus making this tool capable of working for 24 hours straight.

Users will find the front panel of this unit to be quite useful due to how intuitive it is. The screen at the top side is bright, clear, and easy to read. Plus, all of the knobs included are responsive and work well, providing quick adjustments if needed.

If you don?t want to deal with a loud power supply, then you?ll love this one. It includes a fan capable of adjusting its speed, a function that allows it to adapt to the power supply?s operations ? not only the risks of overheating are low, but the noise produced is minimal as well.

Despite all of the good this unit has to offer, we found the connectors to be disappointing. They?re not suitable for ten amps because they melt in just a few minutes. Better to keep this information in mind if you?re planning to work with max amperage.


  • Durable steel case and efficient fan allow this unit to work continuously
  • User-friendly and easy-to-read dual LED display with three digits
  • Includes several safety measures to prevent accidents
  • Intuitive front panel is easy to operate


  • The connectors of this unit won?t work well for ten amps operations

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8. LONGWEI LW-K3010DDC Variable Power Supply for Spectrophotometer

LONGWEI LW-K3010DDC Variable Power Supply for Spectrophotometer
  • ◆【High Precision, Wide Range】LONGWEI DC power supply is a professional power supply regulation...
  • ◆【High Quality with Essential Safety】Safety is our priority. Grounding wire, The power supply...
  • ◆【Excellent Heat Dissipation】Equipped with a big fan controlled by intelligent temperature...

One reason to love this device is because of its reliability. Knowing voltage and current values are both easy and quick via the precise 3-digit LED display. On the screen, you can see the data with 00.1V and 0.01A of accuracy to guarantee proper readings.

This power supply offers the option to switch input voltage manually, giving you options for 110V and 220V. You can access this function from the back of the unit.

The system also includes a large fan that features a sensor to control the power supply?s temperature. While active, the fan works quietly, meaning this unit won?t be annoying due to a loud operation.

Besides the fan, the unit features several heat radiation grooves located on both of its sides. These elements help reduce noise, improving the fan?s lifespan as well.

Overall, this variable DC power supply is stable, efficient, and reliable. Since its functions are pretty straightforward, both experienced and inexperienced customers get the hang of it quickly. The intuitive interface makes everything better if we consider the manual is awful.

Other than the device, this benchtop power supply kit offers an output power cord, an input power cord, test probes, and the manual.


  • Allows users to switch input voltage between 110V/220V manually
  • Features a 3-digit LED display, which is easy to read
  • Includes a fan with an efficient sensor to control the temperature
  • Compact and lightweight build makes this device a portable unit


  • The manual instructions aren?t clear

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9. Meter DC 30V/10A Variable 4-Digital LED Display Power Supply

This power supply is available in two colors ? black and white. Whichever you choose, chances are either one will quickly enhance the decoration of your lab, as they both look incredible. It gets even better once you try the device and see what it’s capable of doing.

Ran out of power due to an unexpected problem? Worry not. This power supply can recharge phones and other accessories via the 5V/2A USB port. While doing that, the power supply efficiently calculates the output voltage and current, which then the device displays on a large screen.

Said screen is a backlit, 4-digit LED display. In it, you can check voltage, current, and power values. Due to the intense red of the LED digits, reading this information is easy.

The unit also happens to be one of the safest. It includes the classic grounding terminal, as well as safety measures to prevent overheating.

For the price, the benefits provided by this device make it the best hobbyist benchtop power supply for many DIYers. The quality of the probe isn’t the most ideal, but they’d still work well enough. If it gets too bad, separately purchasing them may be a better idea.


  • Compact and lightweight unit that fits anywhere easily
  • Offers high precision for a wide range of applications
  • Works with 5V/2A output and features auto power calculation
  • Comes with multiple safety measures to prevent issues like overheating


  • The quality of the probes is cheap

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10. KA3005P – Programmable Precision Variable Adjustable 30V, 5A DC Linear

KA3005P - Programmable Precision Variable Adjustable 30V, 5A DC Linear
  • ◆ HIGH PRECISION INSTRUMENT WITH MANY UNIQUE FEATURES - Very Easy setup with a rapid adjustment...
  • ◆ 4 DIGITS READINGS WITH BACK-LIT LED DISPLAY - With a 0.001V and 0.001A resolution, 4 digits...
  • ◆ HIGH-QUALITY WITH ESSENTIAL SAFETY - Grounding wire, thermal protection, voltage and current...

While this unit isn?t as fancy as the others, it still manages to be a worthy choice for people with businesses, labs, or at home. Setting it up is easy, as it only has an adjustment knob capable of making quick adjustments.

Depending on your needs, the device offers switchable voltage input between 110/220 Volts. Plus, it comes with four memory recall buttons that will save you a lot of time.

This power supply features a 4-digit backlit screen that offers data on the voltage and current values using only one knob for adjustments. Even if there?s no other light source in the room due to an outage, the display remains visible.

The front layout makes each operation easier too. Dialing in the desired voltage is quick and simple due to the encoded-controlled adjustment knob. Then, you get to choose between different modes using one of the constant buttons.

There?s also a lot of safety measures included in this system. For instance, the device has protection against voltage or current overload, as well as to prevent short-circuits from taking place.

Additionally, the lock button avoids accidental changes, and the on/off button allows you to connect the unit safely.


  • Easy to set up, featuring only a quick adjustment knob
  • The backlit LED display offers four digits for voltage and current values reading
  • Offers plenty of safety measures to avoid voltage and current overload and more
  • Easy to dial the desired voltage and quick mode changing


  • The cooling fan is loud

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Things to Consider Before Buying Bench Power Supply:?

Whether you’re looking for a professional or a hobby power supply, there’s a set of features that shouldn’t escape your attention if you want an optimal device. During this section, we’ll talk about them briefly.

Power Conversion Method

As you search for the best variable DC power supply, you’ll find two types available: linear and switching. Each term refers to the process used to convert the input power.

The linear power supply follows a process that regulates the output voltage by either dropping or dissolving the power ? resulting in a heavier power supply. This type of bench power supply is less energy-efficient because it often generates a lot of heat.

Then, we have the switch-mode type, often called switching power supply. In these units, the AC line converts to DC voltage turned into a higher AC signal frequency. Contrary to the previous type, these bench power supply units are lighter and smaller.

Even though the switching power supply generates high-frequency noise, they remain the ideal choice for those that need lightweight, efficient, and compact power supply devices.

Display and Value Adjustments

Equally as important as every other feature, the display of a bench power supply must be bright, readable, and accurate. Most units offer values in 3 or 4 digits visible via the screen, which efficiently lets you know of the voltage or current values.

Additionally, easy-to-use functions to dial in values is yet another essential feature that customers must consider. Commonly, the units have knobs, but not all of them are responsive. Make sure your ideal power supply offers effective methods for dialing in.

Safety Measures

Considering the bench power supplies can work with high voltages and current values, safety measures to prevent overheating are a must.

Of course, that’s not the only protective measure found in these devices. Customers also have to consider grounding wire, thermal protection, short-circuit protection, and voltage overload prevention.

The bench power supply can be a lot of fun because of its power, but it can quickly go sideways if the system doesn’t have the safety features needed to contain its capacity.

Size and Weight

Last but not least, we also have to consider the size and weight for portability. While many people won’t have to move the power supply after setting it up in areas like laboratories, hobbyists and DIYers may like the convenience of an easy-to-carry device.

Luckily, all of the products in our bench power supply review are lightweight and compact ? two traits that make them portable. Some units may even have an elastic handle at the top, making it easier to carry the devices around.

Frequently Asked Questions: About Bench Power Supply

1. What is a bench power supply used for?

The bench power supply is a device designed to test and measure electrical equipment. And the unit provides direct current (DC) voltage to the device the user wants to test. Commonly, people use the power supply for circuit boards, among other things.

2. How to use a bench power supply?

First, you want to set the current limit. This step is a must-do, or you risk frying the circuit. To do it, turn the voltage and current knobs as needed. As you do that, the screen will show the values to guide you.

For the second step, you have to set up the voltage value. It’s an easy task that only requires you to turn the voltage knob clockwise.

3. How to choose a bench power supply?

Consider the voltage and amperage values offered. Additionally, focus on features like the type of unit, the screen, adjustment settings, safety measures, and operational modes. All of these aspects are essential to finding your ideal bench power supply.

4. Is the bench power supply compact?

Yes. Most DC bench power supplies are compact and lightweight, meaning they’re not difficult to handle if you have to move around.

5. Is the bench power supply hard to operate?

Not entirely. If the unit you purchase doesn’t have proper instructions included, many sources online provide the guidelines to operate the power supply efficiently.

Final Words

With the best bench power supply, you no longer have to test circuit boards blindly. The instruments discussed in this article won’t only provide the power and accuracy needed for those applications, but they also allow you to experiment with total safety.

Consider your options, and pick the bench power supply that best suits your needs. Once you see what they’re capable of doing and how effective they can be, these devices will quickly become an essential part of your job.

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