10 Best Explosion Proof Lighting in 2021 Review and Buying Guide

Working in flammable environments is already dangerous, but not having proper lights compliant with safety standards can quickly make the situation worse. Heat dissipation is a must, and the materials used for the build of the light systems also play a role in reducing the risks of accidents.

Top 5 Best Explosion Proof Lighting: Editor Pick’s

That’s why today we’ll be talking about the best explosion proof lighting. For our reviews, we’ll address how these fixtures can reduce explosion risks while still providing bright lights to keep the areas illuminated.
In the following sections, we also cover the main features to consider before purchasing. So, ready to begin?

10 Best Explosion Proof Lighting Reviews:

To narrow down the options to only ten, we considered features like power, installation methods, energy efficiency, and other elements. We’ll talk about these aspects later. Now, let’s start with the reviews.

1. CYLED 100W LED Canopy Light Explosion-Proof Equivalent 450W HID

CYLED 100W LED Canopy Light Explosion-Proof Equivalent 450W HID
  • SMD 3030 LED modules produce 130 Lumens per watt - Save even more by using a lower watt unit....
  • New style' is the latest in LED technology. Smaller, longer lasting and more efficient. Only 3.5inch...
  • Save electricity bill. Replace 450W HPS (High Pressure Sodium) or MH (Metal Halide) bulb by 100W...

Since it produces 130 lumens per watt, this set of LED lights can save both energy and a considerable amount of money by month’s end.
Each piece measures 3.5-inch in thickness, making them suitable to replace previous lighting systems like HID or CFL bulbs that were good but not equally efficient.
The Canopy LED light comes with an aluminum housing featuring Heat Sink technology, which protects the LED driver. Plus, the improved heat dissipation design guarantees even high-temperature distribution to avoid potential risks, allowing the lights to last longer.
Additionally, the acrylic lenses are as durable as they’re resistant, meaning that you won’t have to worry about them regularly.
All of these high-quality features create a product that is both water-proof and explosion-proof, even after regular, consistent use.
Besides being highly efficient, these lights are compact, bright, and easy to install.
After reviewing many lights, we noticed that these aren’t as easy to adjust as the others. You can set up a pole-pendant mounting, but the pole doesn’t come in the purchase. The good news is that this small issue doesn’t affect the lights in the slightest.

Powerful performance with 130 Lumens per Watt
Provides efficient energy use to save money
Available for ceiling and wall mounting
Aluminum housing and Heat Sink tech for improved protection
Not as easy to adjust

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2. Binfu Explosion Proof LED Light/CNC Lighting ? 12W 110V IP65

Binfu Explosion Proof LED Light/CNC Lighting ? 12W 110V IP65
  • 12w,110V AC/DC Input,Cool White
  • Aluminum profile&glass cover
  • Silver Colr

By featuring an aluminum profile and glass cover, these lights put up a safe performance working at 110V.
The housing is resistant to impacts and features liquid-tight electrical fittings. Add in the integrated ballasts and the adjustable steel mounting bracket, and what you get is a set of explosion proof LED lights easy to mount.
Because of their resistance and convenience, this set of lights are perfect for many applications. The LED bulbs are pleasantly bright, delivering enough power to illuminate industrial environments and household areas. Besides, the bulbs are long-lasting and use low energy as well.
Despite being somewhat cheap materials, these lights truly outshine most of the competition.
The resistance of these fixtures against low temperature is also astonishing, as they put up well even at ?40?C. Use it to lighten up ultra-low temperature cold storage environments, and the lights will do a good job.
With all of their incredible features, the cord length is, for sure, the most noticeable disadvantage of these lights. In many cases, it comes up short, and the users must find a way to work their way around this issue.
Luckily, the cord’s length has no significant impact on the light’s effectiveness. This set has some of the best explosion proof light bulbs up to this day.

Features aluminum profile and glass cover for improved durability
Works on 110V with AC/DC input to produce bright, white lights
Included adjustable steel mounting bracket makes the installation easy
LED bulbs are long-lasting and use less energy
Short power cord length

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3. Shuncanda LED Work Light 12W 120V IP66 Explosion Proof

Shuncanda LED Work Light 12W 120V IP66 Explosion Proof
  • Function; completely sealed, protection class IP66, waterproof, explosion-proof, dustproof, oil...
  • Power: LED light source 12W 1200 stream brightness, the number of LEDs is about 56, the color...
  • Voltage; The input voltage range is 110 to 220V and can be input to 120V. This product is not...

Due to its IP66 grade protection rating, this LED light has outstanding resistance to water, dust, oil, and explosions.
The housing features 3mm of thickness, meaning it can resist impacts and drops. Additionally, the acrylic material used to create the shell and the aluminum alloy for the interior are reliable materials that offer protection.
With around 56 LEDs included, the 1,200 lumens produced deliver brightness to cover a lot of ground. Also, the equipment works with 110 to 220V input to guarantee efficient performance under many circumstances.
For example, this equipment is ideal for internal machine lightings like CNC machine tools, lathes, workbenches, and other industrial purposes. Alternatively, the light fits well for DIY purposes around the house.
With this purchase, you also get two mounting brackets capable of saving you a lot of trouble. Since they rotate 360?, you get to adapt the mounts as needed for the installation.
The power cord is another plus, as it?s about 50-inch long and covers a lot of space. Sadly, there?s no plug included in the purchase, so you?d have to get that separately if necessary.
Other than the missing plug, everything else about this light is perfect. If you need the best explosion proof light fixture, this equipment may be the one for you.

Multi-purpose waterproof and explosion-proof light made with acrylic materials
Includes two mounting brackets that rotate 360?
Works within a voltage range of 110V-220V
Comes with a 50-inch long safety power cord
The light doesn’t have a plug

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4. OSTEK 200W LED Floodlight Explosion-Proof Flood Light 100-277V 5000K

OSTEK 200W LED Floodlight Explosion-Proof Flood Light 100-277V 5000K
  • 🌞【BRIGHT & ENERGY EFFICIENT】--This led Explosion-proof flood lights with 192Pcs Bridgelux led...
  • 🌞【EXPLOSION & WATER PROOF】-- Explosion-proof Outdoor Gas Station light, IP65 weatherproof...
  • 🌞【DURABLE & LONG-LASTING】-- Our 200w flood lights are made of heavy duty die cast aluminum...

Made with a heavy-duty die-cast aluminum housing, these 200W lights are as bright as they’re durable. They feature an efficient head dissipation design that effectively prolongs the LED’s lifespan for many years, even if you use them for hours each day.
The IP65 rating backing up the lights makes them resistant to water, snow, cold, and even hot temperatures. Besides being powerful due to the input voltage range of 100-277V, this equipment uses energy efficiently to save a considerable amount of money at the end of the month.
Setting up the light is also a hassle-free operation. You can either mount it on walls, ceilings, or even let it sit on the ground. It’s an ideal choice because of its portability, allowing you to take the lights with you to warehouses, airports, or other locations.
Besides having a high-quality construction, the lights produce intense illumination to get visibility in dark spaces almost immediately. We also liked how this equipment can be so bright while still delivering minimal glare due to the tempered glass lens.
Lastly, this equipment is also available in a 100 Watts model to cover the user’s needs.

Rated IP65 protection makes the lights explosion-proof as well as resistant to water, dust, and different temperatures
Features a durable die-cast aluminum housing for longer durability
Tempered lenses for enhanced brightness and minimal glare
Efficient heat dissipation build preserves LED lifespan
Only one light equipment per purchase

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5. Liineparalle Sauna Room Explosion Lamp Explosion Proof Anti-High?

Liineparalle Sauna Room Explosion Lamp Explosion Proof Anti-High
  • 【Premium Material】Made of glass and metal material, anti-high temperature sauna lamp, which is...
  • 【 And Fog-proof】This light is and fog-proof , can be used in sauna room, steam room or bathroom....
  • 【Classic Design】Classic design, no lampshade is needed, convenient and practical to use,...

With a classic design that requires no lampshade, this ceiling light is convenient and practical for many applications. For instance, it’s an ideal choice for E27 thread light bulbs, and it has a high resistance to hot temperatures that allows this equipment to work for many hours straight.
The materials used to create this product are glass and metals, which work well and bring many benefits. Much like being explosion-proof, the light resists high temperatures.
Plus, the waterproof rubber seal and the glass lens guarantee there won’t be any issues if people install the light in damp environments.
Installing this fixture is pretty much a hassle-free process. It has a simple, intuitive build that users can figure out quickly as they set up the light. Additionally, the compact, small size makes this equipment easy to handle.
Though it isn’t the brightest light, this equipment still illuminates the rooms quickly once activated. The resistant construction not only makes the light explosion-proof but also ideal for areas with constant high temperatures. A good example would be saunas.
Initially designed for saunas and similar environments, this light does fit other locations as well. It’s a reliable light fixture that works efficiently, saving you money and energy.

Features durable construction with glass and metal materials for higher resistance
Anti-high temperature design makes the equipment resistant to hot environments like saunas
Practical, compact design is easy to install and use
Includes waterproof rubber seal and glass lens
Not as bright as the other lights reviewed here

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6. 150w LED Canopy Light Industrial Waterproof Explosion

150w LED Canopy Light Industrial Waterproof Explosion
  • 150w led explosion-proof led light, Lamp size320*310mm,60pcs Lumileds 3030 SMD .
  • CCT is 2700-6500k (default is 6000K CCT, If need others, leave messeage after order it)
  • Explosion-proof sign::Exdemb II CT6, Anti-corrosion rating:WF2.

Commonly used in places like flour mills, factories, and potentially explosive locations, this canopy light is powerful, efficient, and highly reliable.
The equipment features a die-cast aluminum housing, which offers resistance to explosions, water, hot temperatures, and even possible drops to the ground.
Thanks to its simple yet effective design, this equipment is easy to install. Even better, you can adjust the angle to put the focus on certain areas, guaranteeing bright illumination in a specific spot. Once set up, this explosion proof lamp has 70 small bulbs that provide bright light.
The light supports input voltages from AC85-265V. This product is convenient for places like explosive plants due to high-quality housing. It prevents overheating and other possible risks caused by high temperatures.
There’s also the high thermal conductivity offered by the light equipment. In case there’s a dangerous scenario taking place, the system has proper heat dissipation to de-escalate possible hazards.
Much like other products on our list, this light has the same issue: a short power cord. It seems to be a problem that not even the best explosion proof lighting manufacturers can’t escape, leaving it up to us to find a way to make the equipment adapt to our needs.

A reliable light system with explosion-proof materials
Easy to install, with the option to adjust the angle as much as needed
Boasts high thermal conductivity to handle high temperatures efficiently
Works with a wide input voltage: AC85-265V
The short power cord doesn’t offer much reach

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7. Gelanlaite 100W led Explosion-Proof Light High Bay Explosion

Gelanlaite 100W led Explosion-Proof Light High Bay Explosion
  • 100w led explosion-proof led light, 10w Lamp size 310*320mm
  • CCT is 2700-6500k (default is 6000K CCT, If need others, leave messeage after order it)
  • Explosion-proof sign::Exdemb II CT6, Anti-corrosion rating:WF2.

The design of this fixture is a bit different from everything we’ve seen so far. It’s a big, rounded lamp with a bracket-style installation that makes it easy to set up. Working on voltage ranges between AC100-277V, the power of this product makes it an alternative worth considering.
This lamp has 30 Lumileds pieces, which are bright and highly effective for backup in large, dark areas. By having an IP66 rating, you can expect the fixture’s build to withstand regular use, as it puts up against water and high temperatures. That also means this equipment is explosion-proof.
Although the fixture can be powerful, the power cord length happens to be too short for our comfort. It works alright if you set up the light near an outlet source, but you’d have to find a way to work with the cable to make it reach farther distances.
Fortunately, the power cord’s length is the only disadvantage found in this equipment. Every other feature works well?From the bracket installation that is simple to the durable housing that ensures an efficient, safe performance.
Speaking of efficiency, we also liked how the light uses energy wisely, preventing waste, and saving some money in the process.

This fixture is available from 90W to 100W to cover many applications
Rated IP66, this light is resistant to water, heat, and potential explosions
Includes 30 Lumileds pieces for improved brightness
Bracket installation is easy for most people
The power cord’s length is less than ideal, as it doesn’t have much reach

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8. FAISHILAN 100W LED Flood Light, IP66 Waterproof?

FAISHILAN 100W LED Flood Light, IP66 Waterproof?
  • 【High Quality&Energy Saving】 Our flood lights built with high quality 200 PCS 2385S MD chips,...
  • 【Modern Design】The multiple groove shaped design on the back helps to increase air contact...
  • 【Waterproof IP66】 Our security lights is certified with IP66 rating. This can be ideal for...

Available for ground, wall, and ceiling mounting, this equipment offers the versatility to suit everyone’s demands.
The whole process is pretty simple, as the light has an adjustable bracket that allows users to adjust the angle easily. Then, all you have to do is connect the power, and you’re good to go!
With a LED bulb, the light provides benefits such as a powerful beam and efficient energy usage to save money. You can also adjust the beam’s angle to 180?, a useful feature that makes the equipment fit well under many applications, be it indoors or outdoors.
The equipment features reliable 200 2385S MD chips that create a super bright performance. Since the protection rating is IP66, you won’t have to worry about potential issues caused by water, heat, or snow.
Here’s when the modern design of the light comes into play. On the back, the equipment has a multiple-groove shaped design to improve air contact in said area. Thus, the materials have effective heat dissipation to reduce security risks to a minimum.
Though we can set up the light on the ground, we found that the stability feels a bit off. It gave the impression that it could fall any minute, which made us believe the equipment is more suitable for wall/ceiling mounting.

Easy to mount on wall, ceiling, and ground
It offers a 180-degree beam angle
Long-lasting housing rated IP66
The groove-shaped design on the back allows heat dissipation
While on the ground, the light seems unstable ? Better suited for mounting

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9. CYLED 120W LED Canopy Light Industrial Waterproof Explosion

CYLED 120W LED Canopy Light Industrial Waterproof Explosion
  • SMD 3030 LED modules produce 130 Lumens per watt - Save even more by using a lower watt unit....
  • New style' is the latest in LED technology. Smaller, longer lasting and more efficient. Only 3.5inch...
  • Save electricity bill. Replace 500W HPS (High Pressure Sodium) or MH (Metal Halide) bulb by 120W...

This set offers two LED lights that produce 130 Lumens per watt, delivering power and efficiency. The use of a lower watt unit reduces the amount of energy used during the month, which translates to more money saved when it’s time to pay the bills.
Ideally, this equipment is suitable for warehouses, offices, and industrial applications.
The lights have modern LED technology that allows them to be effective without consuming much space. Not only is the equipment smaller with 3.5-inch in thickness, but the metal and plastic materials are also long-lasting.
If you had trouble with previous lights that required constant bulb replacement, these fixtures are the perfect solution for that. Even during regular, day-to-day use, the lights deliver a satisfying performance consistently.
There’s no need to worry about safety issues, either. The aluminum housing has high-quality Heat Sink technology, which effectively protects the LED driver to avoid hazards. This equipment has proper heat dissipation, and the acrylic lens has high resistance as well.
Finally, the different mounting options available to set up this equipment are also a plus. You can install it on the ceiling, create a Tandem installation to attach more than one light, and even do a pole-pendant mount. For the latter, you’d have to purchase the pole separately.

Durable and resistant build featuring aluminum housing, acrylic lens, and more
Compact, small design that fits well in all locations
120W LED light uses energy efficiently to save money
Effective heat dissipation technology to prevent issues by high temperatures
Doesn’t include the pole for mounting

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10. DWJ Outdoor Courtyard 150W Lights, IP65 Waterproof, 220V

DWJ Outdoor Courtyard 150W Lights, IP65 Waterproof, 220V
  • ★ VOLTAGE: 220V, beam angle: 130 degrees
  • ★ FLOOD LIGHT FEATURES: waterproof, explosion-proof, dust-proof, long life, strong heat...
  • ★ LONG LIFE: aluminum + tempered glass, durable. With adjustable metal bracket, LED flood light...

Using this light is as easy as finding an ideal spot, connecting the power cord, and adjusting the angle. That’s it. You don’t have to deal with the hassles of assembling parts. By working on 220 Volts and offering a 120? beam angle, the equipment adapts to your demands.
Plus, the equipment features a 180? adjustable metal bracket that is both reliable and durable. This bracket allows users to install the LED light on the ceiling, walls, and floor easily. Although commonly used for stadiums, parks, and billboards, this product would fit well in many more locations.
The housing features die-cast aluminum plus tempered glass, a combination we’ve seen many times before and continues to surprise us every time. These materials don’t only handle varying temperatures well, but they also have effective heat dissipation feature to prevent overheating.
While this particular light model is 150W, the brand offers 50W, 50W, and other alternatives to cover most needs.
Is this the best explosion proof lighting LED equipment? For many reasons, the answer is yes. However, previous customers mention that the distance covered by the beam isn’t ideal. While that’s not entirely true, the compact size does have some limitations.
Either way, for the price and its efficiency, this light does deliver an excellent performance.

IP65 build is waterproof, explosion-proof, and resistant for outdoor applications
Offers a beam angle of 120 degrees for easy adjustments
Offers a 180-degree adjustable metal bracket for wall and ceiling mounting
Easy to install
Compact size of the light has limitations in terms of reach

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What to Look for Before Buying?

After finishing the reviews, we still have some points we want to clear out to give you the full picture. In this section, we cover the essential features to consider before purchasing one of these products.


The ideal build for an explosion proof lighting system is die-cast aluminum and tempered glass. These materials are reliable due to their high resistance, which allows them to dissipate high temperatures caused by the bulbs or foreign conditions.
While searching for lights, you also must consider the IP rating. When the equipment has an IP66 rating, it means that it can resist tough conditions brought by water or climate changes. Plus, the lights can also withstand the heat caused by regular, consistent use.
Don’t worry, though. For our explosion proof lighting review piece, we only included the most durable and resistant equipment.

Power Source

While we focused mostly on electrical lights that required hard-wired outlets, alternatives include solar or battery-powered equipment. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages to consider.
For instance, electrical lights have a limited operation range, though they tend to be the most powerful. Solar equipment is ideal for areas with lots of sunshine, which is also a limitation. Battery-powered lights can be more convenient, but they require battery replacement periodically.
It all depends on which type of light adapts to your situation better.


LED stands for light-emitting diodes, which refers to a light bulb type. This type of bulb is popular for many reasons, one of which is due to its efficient energy use that guarantees less waste and more money saved. Without question, LED explosion proof lights should be your go-to choice.


Measured in lumens, the brightness provided by the lights remains an important feature we should consider, especially for outdoor areas. A rule of thumb is that the higher the lumens count, the brighter the light can be.

Installation Methods

Depending on the brand and the light model, the installation method could vary between different options. For example, some of these products mount on wall, ceiling, and even on the floor.
What you must keep in mind here is the versatility of the mounting equipment and whether or not it’s available for the light you want. Consider an adjustable bracket that would be easy to adapt to any work environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an explosion proof light do?

These accessories produce enough light to brighten a specific area, giving you proper vision even during the night. You can install these products both indoors and outdoors, which opens up a lot of possibilities about what you can do with them.

Why purchase explosion proof lights?

One good reason to purchase these light fixtures is because of their high resistance. The build materials are durable and reliable, meaning they can resist moisture, snow, heat, and more.
How to install explosion proof light?
There are multiple ways in which you can install the lights. You can mount them on the wall, ceilings, or on the floor. Versatile brackets are a must if you want some versatility.
What is the best explosion proof light fixture Home Depot?
The answer to this question depends a lot on what type of lights you need. Either way, if you want the most efficient lights, consider the materials used for the housing, brightness, resistance, and reliability.
Are explosion proof lights energy efficient?
Yes. By featuring LED bulbs, these lights reduce the amount of energy waste to save you some money once the electricity bill comes at the end of the month.

Final Words
With the best explosion proof lighting, you no longer have to worry about overheating issues that could put your equipment and yourself in danger. These products are as reliable as they’re powerful, providing bright lights while having plenty of safety measures for more protection.
The lights are versatile too! So, if you ever need light fixtures for indoor or outdoor locations, these are certainly the products to consider purchasing.


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