15 Best Reading Light Wirecutter of 2021

If you are a bookworm or a casual book reader, you know you need proper lighting to read your books. If you have a tablet, usually it lights the screen up for you. But hardcover or paperback books do not have an auto light feature for you, which is why you need one of these best reading lights listed below. Without one of these, you will be unable to read comfortably in bed or in that little book nook you created.

Reading during the day when the sun is out is fine, but at nighttime or during rainy days you will need a light. And when you do not feel like having a big light on, or you want that cozy feeling, you will need one of these best book lights.

There is a lot of reading light reviews out there, but they do not seem to narrow down some of the best reading lights available to you on Amazon. The following is a list of some of the best reading lights that are on Amazon and have a great price tag attached to them. These lights a lot hold a bright enough light for you to be able to see your books while you read.

Top 5 Best Reading Light Wirecutter: Editor’s Recommended?

Whether you are reading in bed or in a place where you do not want to disturb others with a bright light, it is important to find the best reading light for books. There are a lot of options, but we have narrowed down the top 15 reading lights that we believe are the best. This list includes their quality, features, and what makes them better than the rest.

Best Reading Light Wirecutter Reviews:

1. Vekkia BH-01 Rechargeable 12 LED Eye-Care Warm Reading in Bed

Vekkia 12 LED Rechargeable Book Light, Clip On Reading Light in Bed, 40 Hours Eye Protection, Dual Heads Light up 2 Full Pages. Perfect for Bookworms & Kids

The Vekkia BH-01 Rechargeable 12 LED Eye-Care Warm Reading in Bed is the best book light for reading in bed. It clips onto your book or wherever you want to clip it. It has six LEDs that light 3x more of the lighting area than the normal LEDs.

It has three brightness levels which allow for adjustable brightness when in bed, so you do not disturb your partner. It has a built-in rechargeable 10000MAH LI-ON Battery which allows for 60 hours of reading time with no interruptions. You will be unlikely to see it drain the battery because, by the time you recharge it, it will not need to get charged. It can charge via PC, Power banks, USB ports, and a 5V phone charger.

It comes with a standard Android micro-USB cable so you can charge it where you put your Android devices. This bed light only weighs 2.15 ounces and is very lightweight. You can easily clip this light onto your book and read without disturbing anyone. This lamp makes for a great travel light too, and it has a secure, padded clamp with a flexible neck.

Bend your light however you want it, and you can be able to read! It has a soft diffused light which is great for your eyes and will not hurt them. It also is great for camping, studying, kid?s books, desk light, and a music stand. This lamp comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 3-year warranty.

Highlighted Features:

  • 3000K Warm SMD LED
  • Three brightness levels
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Can clip on books
  • Flexible neck
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 3-year warranty


2. LEPOWER Clip on Light/Reading Light/Light Color Changeable

LEPOWER Clip on Light/Reading Light/Light Color Changeable/Night Light Clip on for Desk, Bed Headboard and Computers (Black)

The LEPOWER Clip-on Light is a great reading light for the bed. You can also use it at your table, computer, desk, and headboard. It has a maximum width of 2.36 inches. It comes in black and has a metal body. The arm and lamp holder are both adjustable, which means you can put it at any angle and still be able to read.

It also will stay in whatever position you put it in! There are two switches on the cord, which allows different adjustments to the light. One switch has three options for warm light, white light, and off.

The other switch has two options for brightness, dim and bright. So, you can keep your lights dim at night while in bed, or you can shine the light so you can read better. This lamp comes with a two-prong USB AC adapter and a 5-foot cord to help support the light.

You can use this with a normal 110V household current. It also has a 60-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty. This bed light only weighs 1.05 pounds and does not require batteries. It is a plug-in lamp, so you plug it into your wall closest to where you want to read and turn it on! This light is great for any student or late-night reader that does not want to disturb anyone.

Highlighted Features:

  • Black, metal lamp
  • Clips on to most surfaces
  • Multiple lighting options
  • Comes with an AC adapter and 5-foot cord
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • 12-month warranty


3. Led Clip Reading Light, Raniaco Daylight 12 LEDs USB Rechargeable Reading Lamp

Led Clip Reading Book Light-Raniaco Daylight 16 LEDs USB Rechargeable Reading Lamp-3 Brightness,Touch Switch Bedside Book Light with Good Eye Protection Brightness

The Led Clip Reading Light, Raniaco Daylight 12 LEDs USB Rechargeable Reading Lamp is a great bed light to use. It has three levels of brightness that you can adjust along with a touch switch. Using the lowest setting is recommended when night reading, so you do not disturb your partner while the highest settings should get used for reading in general or studying.

It has a 1000mAh rechargeable battery with a USB attached to it. You can plug in your book lamp with a USB charger, notebook PC USB, plug and play, mobile phone adapter, car USB, and more. This USB option will allow your lamp time to charge on any USB device!

It also has an easy to use clamp holder, which is 2.36 inches wide. You can place this on your desk or another similar edge to clamp down the light. It allows you to have more space while not making your eyes tired. It has a 360-degree rotating body and an anti-slip silicone pad. This lamp is lightweight at only 4.2 ounces and very sturdy.

It has 12 LED bulbs with a long battery life of 24 hours and soft light to not harm your eyes. It requires one lithium polymer battery which comes with it. It is a dimmable bed light that is perfect for nighttime reading in bed or out in your living room when you do not want to turn the overhead lights on.

Highlighted Features:

  • Can be powered in multiple ways
  • Has a rechargeable battery
  • Can use as a clip-on or stand
  • 360-degree rotating body
  • 12 LEB bulbs
  • One-year free replacement warranty
  • Lifetime support


4. The Lamborghini of Book Lights ? Warm, Cool and Natural Light Types in One Superb Reading Lamp

The Lamborghini of Book Lights - Full Gift Set with 9 Light Settings: Warm, Cool n Natural Light Types in 3 Levels - Extra Long Cable, UL Listed Charger, Travel Bag, Gift Boxed

The Lamborghini of Book Lights ? Warm, Cool, and Natural Light Types in One Superb Reading Lamp is one of the best reading lights out there. It has options for you, such as warm, cool, and natural colors along with low, medium, and high brightness that allows you to adjust the light, so you feel comfortable.

It has a 1200mAh rechargeable battery which is 20 percent more than other similar reading lights. While holding your book, you can use this book lamp, along with placing it on the edge of your desk, music stand, and more. You can stand up this light if desired, but you can also hang it onto the wall as well. This ability allows for more flexibility of this book light, so you get it exactly where you want it to be.

It comes with an extra-long USB cable and a secure UL listed charger 1.0A. You will also get an elegant carry back when you purchase this light. It comes with a lifetime warranty and is a great investment that will last you a long time. You can read up to 130 hours at a time per charge if you use only two of the ten LED lights.

This best reading light for books is lightweight at only 3.04 ounces. It has one lithium-ion battery that is required for it to work, and it gets included and is rechargeable.

Highlighted Features:

  • 1200mAh rechargeable battery
  • Allows for 130 hours of reading
  • Different colors and brightness
  • Comes with charger and USB cable
  • Lifetime warranty


5. Brightech Litespan LED Bright Reading and Craft Floor Lamp

Brightech Litespan - Bright LED Floor Lamp for Crafts and Reading - Estheticians' Light for Lash Extensions - Natural Daylight Lighting for Office Tasks - Adjustable Gooseneck Pole Lamp - Natural Wood

The Brightech Litespan LED Bright Reading, and Craft Floor Lamp is a great light to have for reading books. It can also get used for arts and crafts, in your office, woodworking, and more. It has a 6,000K wool white light that allows you to see what you are doing.

This lamp can even go in your garage if you are doing some car maintenance or making something in there. Since this light is such a versatile lamp, it has a 6,000K natural daylight spectrum white light with a 2,000 lumens output. It comes with a 12-watt LED light that saves power and has a 20-year life.

Since this lamp does not produce heat from the light bulb, you do not have to worry about burning yourself when changing the light bulb. This light comes in four colors along with a flexible gooseneck which lets you move this light around however you want.

It is also dimmable, so if you are looking for less bright light, this lamp would be great for you. You can brighten or dim this light as needed for reading. It is also great for use in kids? rooms and is safe for the whole family, including pets. They offer a full 3-year warranty on this lamp which means if something happens to it, you can get a replacement or get it fixed easily. At 10.44 pounds this lamp is not too heavy and can be easily moved. This lamp is a corded light, so you have to plug it into an electrical outlet in your wall for it to turn on.

Highlighted Features:

  • Standing lamp
  • 6,000K cool white light
  • Natural daylight LED floor lamp
  • Flexible lamp
  • Dimmable lamp
  • Full 3-year warranty


6. Energizer Clip-on Book Light for Reading in Bed, LED Reading Light for Books and Kindles

Energizer Clip on Book Light for Reading in Bed, LED Reading Light for Books and Kindles, 25 Hour Run Time, Kindle & Book Reading Lamp (Batteries Included) , Black

The Energizer Clip-on Book Light for Reading in Bed, LED Reading Light for Books and Kindles is one of the best reading lights for reading in your bed, no matter where you are reading your books. Paperback, hardcover, kindle, tablet, iPad, it does not matter, this light is for you! This light has a 25-hour run time, which is over one day. So, if you read for a day straight, you will not have to change any batteries out.

However, if you only read for a couple of hours a day, this light will last you quite a while before you need to change out the batteries. It runs on 2 Energizer CR2032 batteries which come with this lamp. It has advanced LED lighting and allows you to read your book comfortably in the dark without disturbing anyone. It has a flexible neck that lets you move it around to the desired angle.

It also has a built-in clip that can clip onto almost any small edge you wish. Its neck is also collapsible, which allows you to store it easily while traveling. The beam it emits when you are reading is broad enough for you to be able to see what the words are on the page along with being narrow enough, so you do not disturb anyone.

The clip-on it has can clip onto tablets, books, car visors, and any other surfaces that are 0.5 inches thick. This lamp is a perfect light for any student trying to study while their roommate sleeps or a mom doing some late-night reading while her partner sleeps next to her.

Highlighted Features:

  • 25 hour run time
  • Batteries included
  • Compact and portable
  • LED light
  • Clip-on light


7. W-LITE 6W LED USB Reading Light Clip Laptop Lamp

W-LITE 6W LED USB Reading Light Clip Laptop Lamp for Book,Piano,Bed Headboard,Desk, Eye-Care 2 Light Color Switchable, Adapter Included, Black

The W-LITE 6W LED USB Reading Light Clip Laptop Lamp is great for using on your desk, headboard for your bed, music stand, book, and more. It has a soft and dimmable cool and warm light to help reduce eye fatigue. It has a flexible 360-degree metal gooseneck that can go all the way up in height at 18 inches.

The light?s gooseneck is also strong, so it will stay in place and not flop over. It has a clip that is anti-skid and scratch-resistant, allowing you to attach it anywhere you need it. If you have nails or hooks on your wall, you can mount the lamp on the wall. The max clip width is 2.4 inches.

This lamp has a USB adapter that plugs in wherever you have a USB port, from your computer to your wall charger. It is much more stable than using a light with a rechargeable battery pack. The max length of its cord is 59 inches, and this lamp comes from aluminum that has rapid heat dissipation.

The dissipation makes sure that the wick is efficient and always stable in this lamp. It will last you a long time because of how it gets made and what its materials are, so you do not have to worry about replacing it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dimmable cool and warm light
  • 360-degree adjustable neck
  • Max height of 18.?
  • Clip-on width of 2.4.?
  • More stable than a rechargeable battery
  • It has a USB port to plug in wherever
  • Max cord length of 59.?


8. TROND Halo C Task Lamp, Eye-Care LED Clamp Table Light

Task Lamp, TROND Eye-Care LED Clamp Desk Light (11W, 5-Lighting Mode, 5-Level Dimmer, 30-Minute Timer, USB Charging Port, Flexible Gooseneck, Flicker-Free) for Office Sewing Crafting Drawing Nail Art

The TROND Halo C Task Lamp, Eye-Care LED Clamp Table Light has a full-sized clamp that opens 1.38 inches wide, but its optimal width is 0.6 to 1.1 inches. The flexible gooseneck allows for swiveling and tilting the lamp as needed and can stretch out to 16.1 inches tall.

This lamp is great for use with a desk, sewing table, headboard, piano, drawing and drafting tables, and more. This lamp is flicker-free with an anti-glare light and has a total flux of 1000 flux. This lamp is great for reading any book but can also double as a crafting lamp or painting lamp too.

It has five distinctive light modes and a 5-level dimmer which allows you to have different color temperatures, such as cool white, warm white, and daylight. This option lets you choose its brightness as well as different intensities, depending on what you want to use this lamp for, be it reading at night in bed or during the day.

This lamp has an integrated memory function that remembers whatever settings you used previously, so you do not have to keep adjusting it. If you long-press the on/off button, for 2 seconds, the light will shut off in 30 minutes. The light timer is great in case you do not want to use the lamp too long or read for a certain period.

This light, unlike the others listed so far, has a great feature where it charges your devices that have USB cords! It can charge any 5V devices, including iPhone, iPad, and even Android smartphones. With this lamp comes a 6-foot UL-certified detachable power adapter, 18-month warranty, and 30-day money-back guarantee.

Highlighted Features:

  • Super bright
  • Adjustable gooseneck
  • Strong clamp
  • Five lighting modes
  • 5 level dimmers
  • USB charging port
  • Auto powers off with a light timer


9. Exeter Traditional Table Lamps Set of 2

Exeter Traditional Style Table Lamps Set of 2 Bronze Wood Carved Leaf Creme Rectangular Bell Shade Decor for Living Room Bedroom House Bedside Nightstand Home Office Family - Regency Hill

This Exeter Traditional Table Lamps Set of 2 lamps comes with two lamps as it says in its name and is great for your dining room or living room. These lamps take one maximum 100-watt standard medium base light bulb each, and the company does not include them.

Each lamp is 30 inches tall with 7 ? foot long brown cords. The rectangular shades at 9 inches wide, 6 inches deep and 14 inches wide at the top with 10 inches deep at the bottom plus 10 ? inches high. It has on and off switches for the socket and is from the Regency Hill brand. Perfect for your other Regency Hill furniture items, or if you want that elegant touch.

The shades from these lamps come in cr?me with decorative finials, and the lamps are bronze with a wood tone finish and carved leaf detailing. These lamps have a cast resin construction which makes these lamps very durable and strong.

These lamps will not be as big of a fall risk as the clip-on lights may be; however, they are not as flexible as the other ones are. These lamps weigh 10.78 pounds each, and they plug into the wall socket. The lamps have two-toned shades and get made with superior quality. Since these table lamps are so tall, they are great for reading lights, and with their rectangular shades, they can easily fit against your wall.

Highlighted Features:

  • Set of two lamps
  • 30 inches tall
  • 100-watt light bulbs (not included)
  • Regency Hill brand
  • 7 ? foot long cords
  • Cr?me shades


10. TROND Halo 9W-C Dimmable Daylight LED Clamp Light Desk Lamp

TROND LED Clamp Desk Lamp Task Light (9W, 6000K Daylight, 3-Level Dimmable, Extra-Long Flexible Gooseneck), Adjustable Eye-Care Clamp Light for Painting, Workbench, Craftwork, Reading or Sewing

The TROND Halo 9W-C Dimmable Daylight LED Clamp Light Desk Lamp has an extra-long aluminum gooseneck that is great for adjusting it as needed while reading. The strong aluminum clamp has a width of 1.65 inches, but its optimal width is 0.6 to 1.38 inches.

It can be used almost anywhere, including on your computer desk, office tables, music stands, pianos, and headboards. Its durable gooseneck has a length of 19.7 inches so you can direct the light of your lamp wherever you want it. This lamp has extra enhanced brightness due to its premium diffusion film from South Korea. They increased the brightness of this lamp by 50 percent.

These diffusion films also help increase the angle of visibility by channeling the light better, so you get a larger lighting area. This lamp comes with a 6-foot UL-certified detachable power adapter, 18-month warranty, and 30-day money-back guarantee.

This lamp also has a flicker-free and anti-glare daylight light that has a color temperature of 5800K to 6000K. Its LED light is environmentally sound, along with not being dangerous to the touch. It has a touch-sensitive button that you tap to turn on the lamp via the power button. You can also tap it to adjust the brightness for three levels. When you long-press the power icon for two seconds, it will turn off the lamp. It remembers whatever settings you set even after you turn it off, so no more having to readjust it every time you want to read a book. You can never go wrong with TROND!

Highlighted Features:

  • Maximum of 1,000 lumens
  • 6000K daylight color temperature
  • Non-glare, flicker-free
  • Extra-long gooseneck
  • A clamp of 1.65? wide


11. Newhouse Lighting LED Clip-on Light/Clamp Lamp/Reading Book Light

Newhouse Lighting Clamp White Clip Light LED Lamp, Black (NHCLP-LED-BLK)

The Newhouse Lighting LED Clip-on Light/Clamp Lamp/Reading Book Light is an excellent LED light that allows you to clamp it onto virtually any surface edge. This book light is great for college or university students, younger children, or adults that want to read in bed.

It will fit on some computer desks, the headboard of a bed, and it can get mounted onto the bedframe, nightstand, home office tables, study areas, bedroom desks, dorm room furniture, and more. The LED light provides you with 300 lumens and 3000K bright warm color light that lasts up to 30,000 hours at a time.

The long-life LED module never needs to be replaced and is also energy saving while providing you with non-flickering natural warm light.This lamp comes in four different colors and has a warm light that is 350 lumens and 3000K for brightness.

Its warm white LED light is great for reading and feeling relaxed. Destress with this lamp while reading a book in a cozy chair or snuggle up in bed with that next great book series. This lamp has a flexible metal gooseneck that moves where you want it to go, so you can adjust it as needed. It has a 6-foot power cord and a 5-year general warranty with a 1-year warranty for manufacturer defects. This lamp is great for reading in bed or your living room and will last a lifetime for you.

Highlighted Features:

  • High quality LED light
  • Produces a natural warm light
  • Flexible metal gooseneck
  • 6-foot power cord
  • 350 lumens and 3000K of bright, warm white light
  • 5-year warranty


12. DEWENWILS USB Rechargeable Book Reading Light

DEWENWILS USB Rechargeable Book Reading Light, 2 Brightness Levels, LED Clip on Book Light for Reading in Bed, Eye Care Book Lamp for Kids, Bookworms

The DEWENWILS USB Rechargeable Book Reading Light is a great bedroom light for book reading. You can stand this little guy by itself or clip it onto a book you are reading. It can also double as a flashlight during a power blackout or a bookmark, so you do not lose your page. It has a 350-degree flexible holder that bends to any angle you desire. The LED lens can swivel to 90 degrees counterclockwise, 180 degrees clockwise, and 45 degrees down. This way, it will allow you to read your book without bothering your sleeping partner or roommates. It has a built-in USB at the base of the light, and you plug it into your computer, wall outlet, power bank, adapter, car charger, and more to charge it.

The light?s charging lasts up to 8 hours if on the highest settings and takes about one and a half hours to charge at the most. It provides you with a soft white glow, which is great for being glare-free and not straining your eyes. You press the button to adjust the LED light?s brightness from 50 percent up to 100 percent. This lightweight and small light weighs at only 1.3 ounces total and is great for nighttime reading. You clip this light onto your book, and you are ready to relax and read your favorite book. This light can also get completely folded flat and ends up being very slim in this position. This portability makes it easy to take this light with you wherever you end up traveling, whether you are on a train, airplane, or backseat of the car.

Highlighted Features:

  • Flexible book light
  • USB charging
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Can become a flashlight or bookmark


13. LUXJET LXJ-NKL-BL Book Lights Rechargeable Neck Lamp for Reading at Night

LUXJET Book Light for Reading in Bed at Night, USB Rechargeable, 360° Flexible Arm, 3 Modes LED Reading Lights for Knitting, Repair,Travel, Camping

The LUXJET LXJ-NKL-BL Book Lights Rechargeable Neck Lamp for Reading at Night is a neck lamp for your neck. You place it behind your neck, and it wraps around the sides, it does not choke you at all. It is made out of high-quality rubber with durable and flexible arms on the sides.

You can easily adjust this light to whatever angle you desire, and you do not have to wear it on your neck if you do not want to. It is just designed for it specifically, but it can be adjusted to work however you prefer. It has a built-in 700mAh lithium battery and takes about three hours total to charge fully. After being fully charged, this neck light lasts for eight hours at the highest brightness or ten hours at its normal brightness.

This lamp has three adjustable brightness levels, including spotlight only, floodlight, or a combination of the two spotlights and floodlights. This way if you are reading while you are in the car it will not be too bright in the back seat for the driver, or if you are in bed, you will be unlikely to wake up your partner.

This neck lamp is bendable and only weighs three ounces in total. It can rest on your neck, or you can hold onto it while reading. Also, this neck lamp is sweatproof, for when you are outdoors BBQing or if you are going for a late-night jog or run.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-quality rubber
  • Neck lamp rests on the back of your neck
  • Lasts for 10 hours at normal brightness
  • Three adjustable brightness levels
  • Only 3 ounces
  • Very bendable and contours to your neck


14. Book Light, PERFECTDAY 12 LED USB Rechargeable Reading Light

Book Light, PERFECTDAY 12 LED USB Rechargeable Reading Light with 3-Level Brightness for Eye Protection Night Reading Lamp

The Book Light, PERFECTDAY 12 LED USB Rechargeable Reading Light is one of the best reading lights out there. It is great because it is long-lasting and rechargeable. It has twelve LED lights that are easy on the eyes, and it has three brightness modes as well. You can choose from warm, white, or cool light, which makes changing whatever brightness you need very easy to do. It has an easily attached clamp that can clip onto books, articles, magazines, or any other reading materials. It charges via USB, so plug it into your computer, laptop, wall charger, or wherever else you can use your USB devices. The lamp?s gooseneck is adjustable and bendable; it can give you up to 360 degrees in all the different angles you can think of, while also being very flexible too.

This reading light is not harmful to the eyes since it has LED lights which is better for you in the first place. This light is lightweight and portable; you can take it wherever you go! You can use it as a computer light, camping, reading, music stand, and more. This clamp can be used as a bookmark as well, so you will never lose your place while reading. This light lasts up to sixty hours of reading or any other hobby you may have. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that allows for easy charging while on the go. It has a dimmable blue light filter along with no flickering, and it uses the lowest power consumption.

Highlighted Features:

  • Energy efficient
  • 12 LED lights
  • Three brightness modes
  • 360-degree adjustable gooseneck light
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


15. CeSunlight Rechargeable LED Book Light

CeSunlight Reading Light, Book Light for Reading in Bed, Flexible Arm, Rechargeable, 4-Level Brightness Control, Perfect for Reading, Knitting, Camping, Repairing

The CeSunlight Rechargeable LED Book Light is a neck light that rests on the back of your neck and comes around to the sides for the lighting. It has a lithium battery that is rechargeable and only takes three hours for a full charge. The battery is 700mAh and once fully charged; it can last up to six to eight hours on the highest brightness level or ten hours with the normal brightness level. You never have to buy batteries again for your reading light.

It comes with four LED lights that have four levels of brightness. There are 2 LEDs on each arm, with one spotlight and one wide-angle LED on each side too. When adjusting the brightness, the first level is a wide-angle light; the second level is a spotlight; the third level is a spotlight with the wide-angle light, and lastly clicking it four times turns it completely off. It has flexible arms and made from a steel alloy. These arms have a soft silicone cover that is non-toxic and safe to use.

This book reading light is lightweight, portable, durable, and easily compacted for any traveling you might do. This light only weighs three ounces and is bendable so you can fit it easily into a suitcase without using up too much space. This light is ideal for anyone who wants a hands-free light that does not need to get moved as you are reading your books.

Highlighted Features:

  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Flexible arms
  • Rests gently on your neck
  • 4 LEDs with four different levels of brightness
  • Lightweight


Buyer?s Guide: What You Need To Know When Select Reading Light

When looking to buy a reading light for your books (or even your tablet if desired), it is important to look for a few factors before picking one out. All of the above lamps meet these requirements, which is why we recommend them. It may be difficult to choose a lamp from so many options but keeping in mind what you have already read about these lamps here, with the following things to look for will help you determine which ones to buy.


How durable is the lamp you picked out? Will it sit right next to your bed without falling or hook onto the bed without bonking you in the head? If it falls or hits you, will the lamp break on you? You need to consider all possibilities before picking out a lamp. Make sure you find one that is durable from a reputable manufacturer. Also keep in mind what its power and energy source is, along with what the lamp itself is made out of, so you know you are not getting a poorly made lamp.

How Does It Look?

This section is not about aesthetics and how the lamps look in your room; it is for your eyes. How well do your eyes react to the lamp?s brightness? You do not want a book lamp for the bed that is harsh on your eyes. You need something with a soft light that will be easy on the eyes and not too bright. Especially if you wake up in the middle of the night and feel like reading, no one likes to turn on that light when it is dark and be blinded. So, you need to make sure your lamp will not blind you when you turn it on from the darkness.

Power Source

What kind of power source does the lamp have? And what do you need from this lamp, portability or stability? If you get a power source that is battery operated, you need to keep in mind that it will die faster than the plugged-in lamps do. However, if portability is what you wish, then battery operated lamps will suit you just fine. Most well-made book lamps will last a while without needing to be plugged in or charged, but make sure you check to see how it works.

If it is rechargeable, they will last longer compared to ones that just run off of batteries. Plus, you will spend all of that money on the batteries, whereas a rechargeable lamp battery will not need to be replaced as often, if at all.

Whereas plugged in lamps last longer than the other two types, they are restrictive of your movements. If you want to roll over in bed, your back will shield the lamp and make it difficult for you to read. However, if you want to stay in one position and have the lamp in one place, then the plugged-in lamps are the best option for you. If you decide you would like the lamp to go with you, then portability is the key, and a no-plug lamp would be better for you.

Type of Lamps

There are different types of reading lamps, and these include ones that clip onto something, ones that wrap around something and ones that will attach to your headboard. There are also bending lamps and free-standing lamps that are available out there for you to buy. All of these depend on what kind of use you want to get out of your reading lamp.

If you want portability and movability, then a bendable lamp is great for you to have. However, if you want one that stands there and does not move in any way, then you may want a free-standing lamp. It all just varies on your usage of the lamp.

How To Replace A Reading Light

Depending on the reading light you own, it will depend on how you need to change the light bulb. In general, for a LED or CFL reading light bulb, the steps are as follows:

  • Unplug the lamp.
  • Unscrew the top of the lamp where the light is situated.
  • If plugged into the lamp, unplug the LED or CFL light bulb itself. Otherwise, remove the LED or CFL lightbulb by unscrewing it from the lamp.
  • Replace the LED or CFL light by screwing in or plugging in the new LED or CFL lightbulb.
  • Screw the top of the lamp back on.
  • Plug the lamp back in.
  • Dispose of the old LED or CFL lightbulb by going to your local recycling center.

If you are using a CFL light bulb in your reading lamp, it may be time to switch from the CFL to the LED light bulb. Even though CFL light bulbs tend to be cheaper, LED light bulbs last a lot longer and are starting to replace the CFL light bulbs.

To switch out the CFL lightbulb with a LED one, you need to follow these steps below:

Follow the first three steps above first; then you need to after you unplug the CFL light bulb, plug in the LED light bulb into your lamp. Yes, it is that simple! For the most part. However, you will still need to replace the ballast that is a part of the CFL original lamp. You also need to make sure your lamp can handle the LED lightbulb in the first place.

Some CFL power lights need to have the ballast and wiring power that goes into the socket removed first. But that is usually what an electrician deals with, so you should not have to encounter this issue at all with your reading lamp. Generally speaking, once you unplug the CFL light bulb, you should be able to plug in the LED light bulb in your reading lamp. Just check with the manufacturer first to be safe.

FAQ’s Frequently Ask Question About Reading Lights

1- What is the best light for reading in bed?

Generally, the lamps that are the best for reading in bed include ones that are rechargeable, have LED technology, are moveable, and have other uses other than just reading in bed. LED lights are the best for these types of lamps because they last longer than CFL lamps do, and they also are easier on the eyes. CFL lamps contain mercury which like any other fluorescent light, can be dangerous if broken, especially if you have kids. It is best to get an LED lamp that you can use a LED light bulb in, so you get the best light out of your money.

2- Is the LED lighting good for reading?

Yes, LED lights are the best lights for reading, especially in very dark places. The darker the area, the more light you may need to read, but the LED lights last longer and are better for your eyes. Using any other kind of light can harm your eyes or be difficult to open your eyes to after turning on. LED lights do not have a harsh light when you first turn it on, and they also can be useful due to how long they last compared to other types of light bulbs. You need to get an LED lamp with an LED light bulb. Even though they may be more expensive, you will get much better use out of them, and they will last longer for you.

3- What light temperature is the best for reading?

CFL lights may use less energy and have a cooler tone for reading with; however, LED light bulbs are more efficient and last longer. LED light temperatures can range from cool to warm, along with not being hot to the touch when removed from your lamp. The best kind of light temperature for reading in bed is soft and warm white lights. These, at 2,700 to 3,000 Kelvin, can provide you with enough light to read while still feeling nice and cozy. They are not overly bright either and are much softer on the eyes. They tend to emit a warm, yellow color and are better for your bedroom. If you want to make the light less bright and more comfortable to see with, this temperature is the best for reading your books.

4- Which light is good for eyes, the CFL or LED ones?

LED lights are better at protecting your eyes than the CFL light bulbs do. CFL can harm your eyes to an extent, and they contain mercury which can be dangerous if you get exposed to it. LED lights will not blind you when you turn them on, which means your eyes will not hurt just because you turned on a bright light.

And with dimmable LED lights, which tend to get used in your house more, these lights can be set at a specific brightness which makes them even better for your eyes. CFL light bulbs require special handling and disposal, so you may want to go with LED light bulbs which are easier to manage. These facts make the LED light one of the best reading light bulbs out there on the market today.

Final Verdict

Finding the best reading lights may be difficult, but this buyer?s guide and best book light for reading review, it will help you find the perfect light you may be looking for, along with the best light bulbs to use. This way, you will find a lamp that will not be harsh on your eyes while also providing adequate lighting for your entire book reading experience.

All of these products listed here have the best features and lighting for you to read with, along with providing the durability needed to keep going for a long time. The less you have to replace your reading lamp, the more money you will end up having. And with LED light bulbs lasting longer than the others, you will get the most out of your money along with having the best reading lights available on Amazon.

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