11 Best Explosion Proof Fan of 2021

Proper ventilation is necessary everywhere, more so in places with inflammable and dangerous substances that could lead to a catastrophe. In those workspaces, the best explosion proof fan comes as the perfect solution to maintain proper airflow.

Whether it’s a wall-mount or a portable unit, these fans provide consistent power while featuring long-lasting materials that put up with almost anything. The list of options was long, but thorough research has allowed us to narrow it down to only a few.

Top 5?Best Explosion Proof Fan: Editor?s Pick

For our reviews, we’ve picked the most capable fans, keeping in mind features like their housing, motor, energy efficiency, among other aspects.

Want to know how these fans can improve the experience at work, facilities, and even home? Then let’s find out.

11 Best Explosion Proof Fan Reviews:

An explosion proof fan can remove humidity, gas, and strong odors in closed spaces, among other things. Take a look at our top eleven picks to find your ideal fan.

1. iLiving – 20″ Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan with Variable Speed

iLiving - 20
  • CUT COOLING COSTS: Reduce expensive cooling bills at home. Ready to install, our wall-mounted...
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Perfect cooling and ventilation solution for any space at your home - including the...
  • VARIABLE SPEED: Customize your comfort. iLiving Exhaust Fan has adjustable speed functionality when...

Starting our list, we want to talk about a fan that efficiently reduces cooling costs to save you a lot of money at the end of the month.

This wall-mounted vent fan comes ready to install, and it puts out airflow to remove issues like excess heat or moisture. Additionally, this appliance prevents mold and allergens.

Whether it’s at the attic, garage, or other rooms of the house, this fan fits in well in all of those areas. Due to its fully-enclosed motor design, which also has thermal protection, the fan works efficiently and requires little maintenance.

Without a doubt, this product has the best explosion proof fan motor; it’s powerful, resistant to corrosion, and the permanent lubrication allows it to work well. Additionally, you can control the fan’s operation by adjusting the variable speeds offered.

The shutters are also a plus, as they feature a durable aluminum build to resist moisture and heat.

Besides the fan, users have the chance to get a programmable controller to operate the fan from far away. However, this accessory doesn’t come included in the purchase, meaning you’d have to buy it separately. Is the controller necessary? Not really, but it does make a difference.


  • Energy-efficient vent fan that removes excess heat and moisture
  • E enclosed motor has thermal protection and permanent lubrication for less maintenance
  • Offers variable speeds
  • Powerful 1/4 HP motor capable of cooling and ventilating areas of 3,368 cubic feet per minute


  • The programmable controller is available separately

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2. Mophorn 350W Explosion Proof Ventilator Speed 3,450 RPM for Ventilation

Mophorn 350W Explosion Proof Ventilator Speed 3,450 RPM for Ventilation
  • 10" Explosion Proof Fan: EX rated explosion proof fan is designed with an explosion proof switch....
  • High Performance Motor:Axial blower features 350W explosion proof motor with high speed: 3450Rpm fit...
  • Portable & Compact: Tough steel boxed frame to be portable. Product Size: 13.78" x 13.38" x...

Working at a fast speed of 3,450 RPM, the explosion proof motor offered by this fan works both quietly and with lots of power delivered. Since it comes boxed and has a metal build, the fan has plenty of protection as well as a layout that is easy to set up and use later on.

Regularly used for ventilation purposes in offices, chemical industries, and more, this fan produces high airflow, thanks to the high-performance motor. Its size is also convenient, as it’s compact, lightweight, and portable.

Plus, the addition of four wheels allows users to move it between locations effortlessly. If any of these wheels get damaged, the purchase includes an extra pair for replacement.

One thing that surprised us pleasantly is that, despite its power, the fan does perform quietly. Even with low background noises, the airflow output produced by this appliance won’t disrupt the room’s comfort.

Does that mean that there are no flaws? Well, not quite. Similar to other fans produced by this brand, this one also has a single speed.

Now, the speed provided will adequately ventilate most rooms, but we sure would’ve liked more settings available.


  • Powerful motor works at 3,450 RPM and produces low noise 66dB(A)
  • Comes in a durable steel boxed frame for protection
  • Includes four wheels for stability and portability purposes
  • The grill assembled is durable and reliable


  • With only one speed available, users won’t have much variety

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3. 24-Inch Electric Explosion Proof Fan – 7980 CFM – Wall or Ceiling Mount

This explosion proof circular fan is capable of redirecting and circulating air in hazardous areas. It meets UL standards to operate in said workspaces, providing 7,980 CFM output to guarantee incredible airflow in large rooms.

This fan comes with a fully encapsulated 1/4 HP motor with plenty of power and energy to operate efficiently. There’s also a set of balanced aluminum blades that deliver high output while still offering protection to prevent potential ignitions.

For security, the fan features an aluminum junction box housing for the motor, which also allows users to make electrical connections to the fan. Besides offering a ceiling mount design, there’s also a mounting kit available to set up the fan on flat surfaces like walls.

Once active, the fan manages to keep the rooms comfortable through consistent performance. With durable housing and a powerful motor, this appliance comes as one of the most suitable venting solutions for homes, offices, and similar confined spaces.

What users may not like about this fan is that it lacks proper speed settings. There’s not an actual method to control low, medium, or high airflow output, which is a bit disappointing if we consider similar fans do offer this feature.


  • A large 24-inch electric fan that provides high-volume airflow for small and larger areas
  • Durable build featuring stainless steel
  • Easy to mount over flat surfaces due to the mounting kit
  • Safe, reliable, and multi-purpose design


  • Doesn’t include different speeds settings

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4. Larson Electronics 220V Explosion Proof Fan

Are you looking for an explosion proof duct fan? This one may be it!

This fan has a 3/4 HP electric motor that works on 220V 50/60 Hz current. While active, it can generate 1,570 CFM output to redirect air effectively. Since it meets several standards like UL, the blower is suitable for hazardous, confined spaces.

Besides offering a high-volume airflow, the enclosed fan has the protection needed for constant, regular use. Additionally, the aluminum build reduces the risks of any spark that could create dangerous ignitions.

With the protection of a heavy-duty dual carry frame, the fan’s components and its motor are easy to carry around and set up at different locations. Here, the steel safety guards, as well as the insulated footpads, allow users to get the fan up and running with plenty of stability.

Other features we liked are the explosion proof switch, the 25-foot cord, and the highly resistant plug.

Now, the obvious flaw of this fan is that it is indeed bigger and bulkier than the rest. While that build translates to better use of power and energy, people looking for compact, smaller alternatives may not like the size of this one.


  • Includes an efficient 3/4 HP motor that offers 1,570 CFM output
  • Comes with explosion proof components like the switch, plug, and frame
  • Meets UL, CUL, and CE standards for a safe operation
  • A reliable heavy-duty dual carry frame with powder-coated steel


  • This fan is quite big, which could be an issue for people looking for a small and compact appliance

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5. F5 Portable Explosion Proof Exhaust Fan

Created with resistant materials that include a cast aluminum blade and a flame-resistant barrel, this exhaust fan from F5 is an optimal choice for flammable or explosive environments. Once installed, the motor operates safely, in part due to the pure copper inner barrel that doesn’t allow sparks.

Since this unit is portable, taking it with you between places is a hassle-free operation, just like it’s to get it installed. The airflow output provided remains consistent from beginning to end, ensuring a suitable working temperature in workspaces that need proper ventilation.

This fan requires a 150 Watts connection to provide up to 2,800 RPM capacity, with decent 882 CFM delivered. Not only does the exhaust fan produces high-volume output, but it also works efficiently to save energy and money.

As a side bonus, there’s a handle attached to the top for easy carrying and a set of four legs to keep the fan stable over even surfaces.

While almost every feature offered by this appliance works perfectly, we found that the size could be a bit of an issue. It’s too bulky, especially when compared to some of the other portable fans available.

That’s just nitpicking, though. In reality, this mild inconvenience doesn’t have any impact on the fan’s operations.


  • Durable and resistant build makes this product suitable for explosive environments
  • Puts up a powerful performance, delivering 2,800 RPM
  • Includes a handle for portability purposes
  • Pure copper inner barrel prevents sparks


  • This fan is a bit bulky

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6. Broan-Nutone 512M Through-the-Wall Ventilation Fan – 6-Inch, 70CFM

Broan-Nutone 512M Through-the-Wall Ventilation Fan - 6-Inch, 70CFM
  • VERSATILE FAN: Ventilation fan helps eliminate humidity, tobacco smoke, and cooking odors to keep...
  • EFFICIENT: Operates on 70 CFM and has a 6.0 Sone rating for efficient and effective operation every...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Motor is easy to assemble with "twist-lock" mechanism and features an adjustable...

Here, we have a slightly different fan that mounts through the wall. It may sound like a handful at first, but getting it installed is a pretty simple process that any DIYer would love.

The motor is surprisingly easy to assemble due to its “twist-lock” mechanism, which is highly convenient. It also comes with adjustable housings to fit in well in walls from 4.5″-9.5″ thick and between 5.25″-10″ thick.

As long as the walls meet those standards, then you shouldn’t have any headaches while installing this fan.

The fan operates on 70 CFM, with a 6.0 Sone rating to prove its efficiency and effectiveness. While active, the ventilation fan successfully eliminates humidity, smoke, odors trapped in the house after cooking, and more.

In just under a few seconds, this fan can leave any area of the house smelling and feeling fresh.

The fan’s paintable polymeric grilles are also a convenient feature, as it allows homeowners to customize this product to match the house decor.

What’s the one thing we didn’t like about this product? The fact that it can be a bit loud, especially if there’s no other background noise in the room. Fortunately, this fan isn’t the loudest out there. While audible, it won’t create any issues.


  • Versatile fan, ideal for eliminating humidity, smoke, and odors
  • Works at 70 CFM, with a Sone rating of 6.0
  • The twist-lock mechanism makes it easy to assemble the motor
  • Features paintable polymeric grilles for decoration purposes


  • The fan can be a bit loud

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7. Canarm Explosion-Proof Enclosed Exhaust Fan ? 18-Inch, 1/3 HP & 3200 CFM

Canarm Explosion-Proof Enclosed Exhaust Fan ? 18-Inch, 1/3 HP & 3200 CFM
  • Rugged steel welded box housing has a durable powder-coated finish
  • Heavy wire chrome-plated OSHA guards
  • Totally enclosed ball bearing 1/3 HP motor with thermal overload protection ensures reliable...

While looking for an explosion proof exhaust fan, focusing on the product’s construction materials is essential. In this case, we’re reviewing a fan with a rugged steel welded box housing that satisfyingly passes resistance tests while keeping its powder-coated finish intact.

Other than having protective housing, the fan features an enclosed ball bearing motor of 1/3 HP. Likewise, this motor has thermal overload protection to guarantee reliable performance, meaning that this fan has enough protection while also being a safe appliance for everyone near it.

The fan installs from an interior location, requiring hardwired connections for a proper setup. Though this process may be troublesome for inexperienced users, the instructions and a couple of video guides should allow everyone to get the job done.

With a 1/3 HP motor and 3,200 CFM capacity, the air delivery of this fan pleasantly fills the room. Plus, the speed is consistent, which prevents any possible inconveniences caused by sudden variations.

Other than the installation not being as intuitive as some of the other fans reviewed here, this exhaust fan provides many benefits for shops, farms, and many other locations. Make sure to read the instructions and other information sources thoroughly to guarantee a proper installation.


  • Powerful 1/3 HP motor for 3,200 CFM delivery
  • Resistant rugged steel housing is explosion proof
  • Puts up a consistent operation for shops, farms, and more
  • Features a durable powder-coated finish


  • Inexperienced users may have issues during the installation of this fan

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8. XPOWER P-26AR Industrial Fan with 4 Speeds, 1,300 CFM

XPOWER P-26AR Industrial Fan with 4 Speeds, 1,300 CFM
  • Multipurpose—quick drying, water damage restoration, ventilation and climate control
  • Rugged rack/stand for a full 360º multidirectional airflow for many applications
  • Maximized energy efficiency with a rated 1100 CFM while only drawing 0. 6 amps

With four speeds available, this industrial fan is a multi-purpose appliance ideal for many applications. It can dry quickly, restore the damage done by water, provide ventilation, and control the climate in specific areas.

Plus, the fan has a handle on the top, meaning it could also be the best portable explosion proof fan for many.

Once set up in a designated place, the fan offers maximized energy rated 1,300 CFM for energy-efficient performance. Even better, the fan can produce a lot of power while drawing no more than 0.6 Amps.

Besides the fan, the purchase includes a rugged rack or stand that comes in handy for different applications. It offers complete 306? airflow for a multidirectional performance, guaranteeing every inch of the room receives proper ventilation.

Furthermore, the exclusive grille design allows users to focus the airflow upwards, with a maximum reach of 120 feet.

For more convenience, the fan also comes with built-in daisy chain power outlets that allow users to connect several low amp units.

Being a portable fan, we wish the power cord was a bit longer. Not necessarily a dealbreaker considering the power of this product, but a longer cable would’ve given users a bit more freedom.


  • Efficient multi-purpose unit with four speeds for drying, ventilation, and more applications
  • Includes a rugged stand/rack that allows 360? multidirectional airflow
  • Rated 1,300 CFM, this fan can save energy
  • Daisy chain power outlets allow several low amp unit connections


  • A longer power cord would’ve been better

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9. Can Filter Group HGC736748 Can Max Pro Series Inline Fan with 3-Speeds

Can Filter Group HGC736748 Can Max Pro Series Inline Fan with 3-Speeds
  • Max-Fan Pro Series Is Even More Efficient And Stronger Than The Original Max-Fan Design, The Max-Fan...
  • The Fans Have Three Control Speeds For True Performance
  • These Fans Run Quieter Than The Max-Fan

Learning from its predecessors, the Max-Fan Pro Series implements a new system and materials to create a long-lasting and reliable fan. Not only is this inline fan durable due to its fiberglass-reinforced housing, but it also works quietly to avoid any disturbance in the room.

The fan has three speeds available, which you can use for cooling, drying, or ventilating the area. On either of these settings, the airflow produced felt pleasant and managed to ventilate the room, removing impurities from the air.

A welcomed advantage of this fan is that it requires no assembly at all. When other similar appliances ask you to work on the parts to put them together, setting this one up is as simple as finding the ideal spot and install it. It’s even a faster process, thanks to the EZ Mount bracket included.

With an optimized mixed flow and low operational cost, this product could be the best explosion proof ventilation fan for people looking for an efficient appliance.

Even though the motor produces vibrations, it’s barely noticeable on each of the three speeds offered. Other than that, the fan operates quietly, providing enough power and ventilation to clear the air in the room.


  • Fiberglass reinforced housing is durable and resistant
  • It comes with three speeds available
  • No assembly required and includes the EZ Mount bracket for easier installation
  • Optimized mixed flow and lower operational cost make this fan efficient


  • Though minimal, the fan produces some vibrations

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10. Comfort Zone 8-Inch Fan, 800 CFM (CZBU80)

Comfort Zone 8-Inch Fan, 800 CFM (CZBU80)
  • High-velocity, high-volume output
  • Multi-purpose functions
  • All metal construction

With a small 8-inch size, this fan is a convenient pick that is both easy to operate and efficient due to its power. It features an all-metal build, guaranteeing resistance, durability, and a longer lifespan to back up workers in environments with potential explosion risks.

The rolled steel opening and powerful velocity ensure high-volume output. For more safety, the fan has auto-reset thermal protection that works efficiently. Though the fan offers only low and high operational modes, both of them proved to be effective under different circumstances.

Depending on the size of the area, the low/high speeds make it possible for the steel blades to either dry or ventilate the surroundings.

Other features we enjoyed are the carry handle and the rubber feet, which allow us to move the fan between places and secure a stable performance anywhere.

Due to the 800 CFM of airflow capacity, this appliance would fit in well in different areas of the house, shops, and facilities, among other locations.

Of course, it’d be unrealistic to expect much power from this small fan. When compared to the others, this one may not be as suitable for larger areas. Still, if what you’re looking for is a portable and convenient explosion proof fan, this product may be the one for you.


  • Small, portable, and convenient ventilation fan
  • Features auto-reset thermal protection for an efficient performance
  • Provides airflow capacity of 800 CFM
  • Durable construction featuring metal parts


  • Not as powerful as the other fans

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11. Mophorn Explosion Proof Fan, 12-Inch, 3,450 RPM

Mophorn Explosion Proof Fan, 12-Inch, 3,450 RPM
  • 12" Explosion Proof Fan: EX rated explosion proof fan is designed with an explosion proof switch....
  • High Performance Motor: Axial blower features 550W explosion proof motor with high speed: 3450Rpm...
  • Portable & Compact: Tough steel boxed frame to be portable. Product Size: 14.9" x 15" x 17" / 38 x...

It may be our last pick, but this product remains the best explosion proof ventilation fan for a lot of people who have used it.

This 12-inch fan comes with multiple explosion proof parts that make it one of the most reliable in the market. For instance, it features an explosion proof switch, a 550W motor, and a steel boxed frame, which is both durable and resistant as well.

For continuous operation, the fan has two rubber feet that ensure stable standing over even surfaces. Because of its stability, this appliance is perfect for ventilation in shops, industries, and homes. If the rubber feet get any damage, you get an extra pair for replacement.

In terms of performance, this product meets a lot of expectations. It’s portable and compact while also being pretty powerful due to the 550W motor that works at 3,450 RPM. With a design built to last, this fan will deliver excellent results in many applications.

The only downside? It’d have to be the noise produced. Though the manufacturer advertises it as a 69dB(A) appliance, the truth is that the fan can be too loud. Consider this issue before pulling the trigger and purchasing this one.

Of course, if you don’t mind some noise, then you’ll enjoy this fan thoroughly.


  • Includes a set of explosion proof parts, like the motor and switch
  • Portable, compact, and powerful
  • Provides huge airflow to fill the room
  • Comes with rubber feet to sit in an upright position


  • The fan isn’t quiet

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What to Look for Before You Buy?

Following our explosion proof fan review section, let’s briefly talk about the different features that we must keep in mind before purchasing.


Before picking a fan, we first must have a clear idea of the area in which we want to set it up. Only then we’ll be able to tell whether we need an explosion proof inline fan, a wall-mount fan, or any other of the alternatives available.


Considering we want an explosion proof fan, we shouldn’t go for a product that doesn’t meet durability and resistance tests. Luckily, in our reviews, you’ll only find options with durable housings capable of resisting almost anything.

Power and Speeds

Depending on the size of the area in which you need to install it, you may require more or less power from the fan. Throughout our reviews, we talked about a variety of fans that delivered different amounts of energy to cover single or multiple purposes.

Furthermore, having the methods to control the said power is also a must. In many cases, the fans include a system with different speeds, allowing users to adapt the airflow to the room’s needs.

Ultimately, the power and speeds needed depend entirely on the user’s needs. Consider all of the options available to find a fan that will satisfy your expectations.


In specific cases, brands may offer additional accessories in the purchase. For instance, for portable fans, you may get rubber feet, mounting brackets, or stands to keep the fan stable during continuous use.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is an explosion proof fan?

It’s a ventilation device that has enough protection to make it capable of containing an internal blast when exposed to a combustible airstream. Though you’re free to set up these fans at home, these fans are the go-to choice for potentially explosive environments.

2. What makes a fan explosion proof?

Primarily, the fans must have a resistant frame created with materials such as steel or aluminum strong enough to contain sparks. Additionally, an encapsulated or enclosed motor allows it to work safely to prevent ignitions.

3. How powerful is an explosion proof fan?

It depends on the manufacturer, the type of fan, and the motor.

During our reviews, we covered products with motors of 1/4 HP, 3/4 HP, and 1/3 HP, which delivered different RPMs.

4. What are the types of explosion proof fans?

Vent, inline, duct, wall-mount/wall-through mount, and exhaust are some of the variations you could find while searching for an explosion proof fan.

5. What is the best explosion proof fan Home Depot?

Online shops like Home Depot have plenty of explosion proof fans available. While there’s not a definitive answer to this question, checking out what customers say could lead you to the right fan for your purposes.

Final Words

Putting the effort to find the best explosion proof fan could save you, your home, or your workplace a lot of trouble. After finishing our piece, now we’re aware of everything we must consider before purchasing one of these appliances.

Take a look at all the products discussed here, consider which one is the most suitable for your purposes, and you’ll be ready to go. No longer will you have to worry about sudden ignitions creating dangerous situations!

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